Information in english about “Anjo”

Product by brazilian designer approaches artcrafts, industry and popular culture.

The Angel of the hammock is an award winning product to shorten hammocks, replacing other improvised forms of shortenning. The product was recognized on the most important award of brasilian´s designing (Brasilian House Museum Design, São Paulo, 2011). The angel is easy to be instaled and doesn´t require previous knowledge for it, so the audience recognized the simplicity and elegance of the design solution.

However, the biggest inovation of the angel was to put together the diversity of brazilian culture and an industrial product. The hammock, inherited from indigenous and pleasurably incorporated to the domestic routine of brazilian people, is part of a story that demonstrates how a country can benefit from the creative economy, innovation and social entrepreneurship.

The angel, wich reached the market in 2013, is an implement created by the industrial designer Jorge Sá Ribeiro.


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